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Margaret Kerr is a member of the Ontario Bar and has specialized since 2001 in commercial law. Previously she practised in the fields of litigation (personal injury, corporate/commercial) and legal research. 

Margaret is the author of The Contracts Handbook: A Practical Guide to Reviewing, Revising and Negotiating Commercial Contracts (2018, Emond Publications), the co-author of Legal Research: Step by Step (Emond-Montgomery), now in its fourth edition, 2017; the co-author of Canadian Small Business Kit for Dummies (CDG Books, now in its third edition), Wills and Estates for Canadians for Dummies (CDG Books, now in its second edition), Canadian Tort Law in a Nutshell (Carswell, now in its fourth edition, with the fifth edition coming in 2018),Facing a Death in the Family (John Wiley and Sons), Make It Legal: What Every Canadian Entrepreneur Needs to Know About the Law (John Wiley and Sons), and Buying, Owning and Selling a Home in Canada  (John Wiley and Sons, second edition).

Her scholarly publications include: “Three Murder Trials in England c. 1200″, in T. Haskett, ed., Crime and Punishment in the Middle Ages (Humanities Centre, the University of Victoria, 1998), “Husband and Wife in Criminal Proceedings in Medieval England”, inWomen, Marriage and Family in Medieval Christendom: Essays in Memory of Michael M. Sheehan, C.S.B. (University of Michigan Press, 1998), “Angevin Reform of the Appeal of Felony”, 13 Law and History Review 351 (1995),”Constructive Homicide Under Construction”, 18 International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice 63 (1994), and “Cold Water and Hot Iron: Trial by Ordeal in England”, 22 Journal of Interdisciplinary History 573 (1992).